African Mango Scams  

African Mango Reviews: How To Avoid These Common African Mango Scams

3 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Any African Mango Product

African Mango Reviews 1. Beware of Fake African Mango from China

In an effort to make a quick buck, many unethical companies import cheap, and oftentimes fake, African Mango from China. Make no mistake, this isn't 100% pure, authentic African Mango from the rainforests of West Cameroon, Africa, but rather cheap, low-grade Chinese mango extract.

Just as concerning is the unsanitary manufacturing conditions in China. It's no secret that the manufacturing plants and warehouses are filthy and unregulated. From lead in children's toys to impurities in food and supplements, the goods being imported from China lack any kind of quality control.

Unlike other companies who take these kind of cheap short cuts, we sell only 100% pure and authentic African Mango extract, that is tested for quality and purity and encapsulated in pharmaceutical-grade U.S. manufacturing facilities, which follow United States Good Manufacturing Practices.

Rest assured, when you buy from us, you're getting the real deal, not a cheap knock-off.

2. Beware of Auto-Rebill and Auto-Reship Scams

Another problem you need to be aware of is companies selling African Mango online, who enroll unsuspecting consumers in those shady and, in our opinion, unethical auto-rebill / auto-reship programs.

For example, many companies advertise "free trials" of their cheap African Mango products. Consumers think they are only paying for shipping and handling — but when you read the fine print, what these consumers are often not aware of is they have only 14 days to return the product or they will be automatically enrolled in the company's "auto-ship" program, where the consumer's credit card is automatically charged on a monthly basis.

In our opinion, companies that follow this kind of business model are nothing more than scam artists.

As an accredited business, we never have, and never will, do business like this. Every order placed with us is a one-time-only transaction through certified safe and secure SSL payment processing.

Each and every day, our website is scanned by McAfee Secure: the world's leading online security Trust Mark. In order for us to display the McAfee Trust Mark in the upper-right-hand corner of our home page, our entire site needs to pass McAfee's intensive, daily security scan.

3. Beware of "Pixie Dusting" and Unnecessary Added Ingredients

Another shady thing unscrupulous companies do to cut corners and save money is a practice called "pixie dusting." What these scam artists do is advertise that their supplements contain "African Mango" but, in reality, the product contains just a pinch — an ineffective "pixie dusting" — of African Mango with the rest of the capsule being filled with corn starch or some other "filler."

Another thing companies do, such as the company selling a product called "African Mango Plus," is add unnecessary ingredients, such as chromium and caffeine, to each capsule. For example, African Mango Plus contains a whopping 200 mg of caffeine per capsule! That's the equivalent of almost 3 cups of coffee.

Why a company would add this much caffeine to an African Mango capsule is beyond us beyond us because African Mango is most effective when used 30 minutes before meals, especially dinner, which is typically the largest meal of the day for most people.

The fact that African Mango Plus contains 200 mg of caffeine per capsule precludes most people from taking this product before dinner — unless, of course, these folks are looking to stay up half the night.

What's more, new research shows caffeine may actually inhibit fat loss by increasing insulin levels.

Further, African Mango Plus contains a nutrient called chromium, which, according to recent research, may carry numerous untoward side effects.

Fact is, in the clinical research, people who achieved weight loss with African Mango took capsules that contained African Mango extract (irvingia gabonensis) and only African Mango extract — no fillers or other unnecessary additional ingredients.

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